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Kombucha Baby Brewing Company

Inspired by a lifestyle change, I began researching the Kombucha craze. A California guru trail-blazed the way and I knew right away that Kombucha was going to be a new passion. I studied, I drank, I experimented and Kombucha Baby was born. The idea of drinking a nice cold Kombucha on the beach began to unfold and build like a wave just waiting for someone to catch its surf.

With humble beginnings, we take great pride in brewing Kombucha. Using only organic teas, organic sugar and organic juices for flavouring, we believe Kombucha Baby brews are unique, refreshing and nutritious to the body.

A mindset of health, respect, love and a little bit of fun can go a long way when crafting Kombucha Baby. I approach this art as if making it for my family (which I do) and everyone knows how important O Hana is!

Dan McKenna - Brewmaster


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